Writing process:

         Select general topic area

         Freewrite / prewrite

         Share & argue

         Construct thesis statement: a debatable opinion stated as a declarative sentence

         List points of support and/or argument

         Refine & focus thesis: narrow time, place, demographic, circumstances

         Develop/support points (paragraphs); possible methods include the following:

o        State your point

o        Define terms

o        Qualify: restrict the meaning, intent, or scope

o        Explain: "in other words"

o        Describe: how it looks, smells, sounds, feels, tastes

o        Compare: simile, metaphor, analogy

o        Contrast: whatís the difference between this and something else?

o        Present opposing view and refute or concede

o        Concurring with someone else's assertion

o        Example

o        Anecdote: a short personal story/example

o        Evidence: Data/statistics/factual information

o        Testimony of others

o        Cause & effect or reason:why or how something happens or is

o        Analysis: breaking down into parts to evaluate it more closely

o        Synthesizing: present new perspective, interpretation

o        Summarizing

o        Transitioning

         (Identify use of ethos, logos, pathos in development and support)

         Rough draft body paragraphs; start and end with strongest points

         Construct intro and conclusion

         Revise; smooth transitions

         Edit (this is the FIRST time you attend to mechanics)

         Final draft, publish



Robertsí suggestions for quality writing:

         Avoid obvious content

         Take the less usual side

         Slip out of abstraction

         Get rid of obvious padding

         Call a fool a fool

         Beware of pat expressions

         Colorful, colored, and colorless words