How to Get an A in Style


Checklist for MLA style papers:


  1. Type: Times New Roman or Arial, 12 pt, black, plain (MSWord usually defaults to Calibri 11 pt, which is acceptable)
  2. Double spaced throughout; no single space, no extra space
  3. One inch margins left, right, top, and bottom
  4. Header one-half inch from top
  5. Header is last name and page number: Jones 3
  6. MLA style four-line heading: Name, Instructor, Course name and number, Date
  7. MLA style date: 20 January 2012 (no punctuation).
  8. Title of paper is centered; no underline, no bold, no special type, no all caps.
  9. Paragraphs are indented 5 spaces or inch
  10. Correct spelling, grammar, punctuation
  11. Every bit of information is documented using parenthetical documentation with first word of Works Cited or Bibliography entry.
  12. End-of-sentence punctuation is after the parenthesis.
  13. Works Cited page or Bibliography is a separate page, last page of paper.
  14. Works Cited or Bibliography is centered on title line; no underline, no bold, no all caps.
  15. At least _______ sources; special requirements for sources: ________________________________________________________________
  16. Sources are listed in alphabetical order by first word.
  17. Complete information is included in source entry.
  18. Source information is in correct order in entry.
  19. Correct use of punctuation within source entry.
  20. First line of source entry is flush left; next lines are word-wrapped with hanging indent.