English 1301
Composition & Rhetoric I

Section 63018         9:30-10:50        TR, Room W280

Section 63021         11:00-12:20      TR, Room W280

​Section 63012         12:30-1:50        MW, Room W280

Section 63027          2:00-3:20         TR, Room W280

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Detailed Writing Process & Suggestions for Development
MLA Style Checklist
Course Syllabus
Assignments & Calendar (MW)
Blending Quotes (Notes)
Blending Quotes (Powerpoint) 
Writing Rubric
Plagiarism Tutorial & Quiz
Link to Opposing Viewpoints
How to Write an Introduction
Critical Thinking
Grammar Bytes
Grammar Monster
Explanation of Grading Scale 
Tips for Revising & Editing
Course Syllabus
Reading Protocols
Course Syllabus
FINAL EXAM PROMPT:  Choice of three topics 

Course Syllabus
Assignments & Calendar (TR)
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